Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All my bags are packed ready to go.

So I really haven't written a lot about my pregnancy So if you have liked that then STOP reading.
I have been to the hospital 2 times my contractions have been 4 to 5 mins apart and then they just STOP that's right just stop. The first time it happen it was all right but the second time it happen I called my Doctor office and they told me to go in. I asked them many times if I just can come into their office and get check out. They say "I really think you need to go into the hospital I really think it's time" again they sent me home.
I'm at a 3 1/2 but the hospital wont keep you unless you are a 4 so close but so far. The story of my life!
My doctor thought for sure I would be a 4 today but no nothing. So I will just wait some more. Good news they will take me in on August 4th. so on Tuesday, and maybe I'll win The Natalies Plummer Giveaway Baby Shower. You have to check it out.
Thanks for letting me vent I know this will not last forever and I really can't wait to see Mason!
But if you see me anywhere and I'm still pregnant PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHEN AM I GOING TO HAVE THAT BABY.
Thank you!!!


  1. Really? Your hospital sends you home if you're not a 4? When I had Kate, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart when I went in and I was at a 3.5 and they admitted me and broke my water . . . I guess every hospital is different.

    Well, hopefully that baby boy will be here soon! At least you know he'll be here by Tuesday. Good luck!

    Oh, and I entered the giveaway, too. Hopefully both of us will win!

  2. What?!? I thought for sure you had that baby Sunday! Bummer. I was even all set to bring a gift over =). Ah well... hang in there just a little bit longer. It'll be here before you know it.

  3. Good Job for hanging in there. I know it is tough. Your a cute pregnant woman. Good Luck with everything!

  4. Aren't those the most cursed words when you are at the end? (though I think I uttered them to you a few weeks ago. lol)

    Awww! Such an exciting time! I had the same with Lucas. Contractions all night long, then they would stop cold turkey by morning. I was a 3 for 4 weeks & finally got induced on my due date! Little stinker!

    Happy pushing Rach!

  5. Congrats!!! Little Mason is super cute!

    (I spied a pic of him via the Hawley England Blog)

  6. Oh man, what a bummer! I just got a call and I'm bringing dinner on Wednesday. I'm glad Mason is finally here. I can't wait to meet him! I think you had him while we were diving home from Oregon. I'm so happy for you. How do the kids like him?

  7. Looks like you had that baby! Congratulations! I know you don't know me but I found you on a blogger search. I was looking for people with blogs that live in Saratoga Springs. I just moved here and I'm trying to find friends. Hope you and baby are doing well!