Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Good, bad and the ugly, so just breath!!!

OK I know everyone says that this has been a busy month, and it has.
I'll start from the very being.
December 1 I receive a e-mail say that UCCU wanted to do Christmas for us.
Could not believe it I gave them the kids wish list and that was it.
Thank you we had a great Christmas.
I also moved my mom for the 20th or so time. : }
December 6 Conner 9th Birthday the kids made a card and sent it off.
We also gave a book to a 9 year old boy.
December 7th Elder & Sister Hawley came home from there mission from England , London
December 12 Went to their Home Coming it was great getting to see all the family.
December 14-17 School parties for the kids I felt that I lived there that week, But I would not have missed that for the world.
December 18 Party with Rob's side of the family great time as usually.
December 20 the beginning of kids break have some fun stuff planned.
Spend some time with family, Nana and Grandpa and staying up late( FUN FUN)
December 20 our roof started to leak bad the plans just went out the window.
December 20 Rob gets a job interviewS yes many about one every week for a week.
( we should hear more about them latter)
December 24 a big hole in the wallS and the fans going all day so I decide to spend Christmas over at Rob's parents house.
December 25 GREAT Christmas LOVED it!!!!
Thank you all the Santa and Santa helpers.
When ever there were gifts left on our door step My kids asked " Was that Santa or was that Jesus helpers"
Thank you for answering our prays
December 26 Nana and Grandpa came to church with us my kids were great for them.
December 29 Our sweet Nana Rob's mom passed away. 22 days after her mission

So I'll say a few word to her.
Nana, Mom we love you very much and will miss you. You were the one that I always went to.
you tough me how to make Rob's favorite food and made it for him because I hate making it. (tuna casserole)
You never put anyone down always looked in the good in others.
My kids loved you and I mean loved you. You will have a special place in there heart for you.
You always heard me when I talked and gave me great advice.
I know you still will. I know that you will look on us from time to time. I hope that I will make you happy.
I'll try and make the yummy tuna casserole at lest once a year OK maybe twice ; )
I'm a better person because I know you. I will always love you and will teach to my kids that there NANA loved them VeRY much.
P.S. I hope that you like our (sack it) to you XOXOXOXO 1-4-3
December 31 Our hole in the wall is fixed and the New Year is here on Tuesday Nan will be put to rest.

I really hope 2011 will be better the 2010 Rob has a third interview on 10 Monday.
We will be calling on the other one that he did that week too.
Love you all.
Have a great year!!!!!

PS.I will post pictures and stuff that happen more detail latter.


  1. Comment by Rob: I love your posting. You are an absolute dream. I love you.

  2. Rachel, I wanted to talk to you on Sunday and didn't get a chance. I'm so sorry to hear about Rob's mother. His testimony on Sunday was beautiful. You and your family are such great examples to us! Glad that you had a nice Christmas, and here's to 2011 being a great year for your family!!

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I really appreciate it and the support!