Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To my son Conner.

To my first born, my son, my angel,
You have been gone for 9 years
You have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
I teach them about you and where you at.
I teach them about the way you made me grow and how we need to be extra good so we can be together as a family.
Son as you know our Nana passed away from earth I want you to keep a good eye on her.
Teacher her the in and outs of things. If you have ice cream or anything like that in heaven give her a extra helping.
Honey when I think of you I still get all teary eyed I still think of the moments we had together.
I still remember you face sometime I see it in your brothers and sister when they sleep.
I remember you LONG toes that your dad gave you and your fingers too.
I remember holding you in my arms and hopping you would wake.
I remember the room the lights, smell, the nurses, the blanket that they wrapped you in.
I remember the look on everyone face of sadness.
Son I know that someday I will get to raise you. I know we will be together forever. I know that you still live your spirit is working had to help others on the other side.
I love you more then you know thank you for teaching me so much, helping me grow I wont do you shame I love you son then now and forever.

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  1. wow. that is so beautiful and heartfelt, rachel.