Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My house and Christmas what happen.

I guess " when it rains it pours "
Our roof started right after the kids Christmas break and right before Christmas
Perfect timing right.

Here is our Roof
Well some of it.
Here are some photo of the inside

We also had some fans downstairs in the basement.
One of the worst part of it was the fans they were SO LOUD.
People would come over to our house knowing we would be home ring the door bell pond on the door honk the horn and we still could not hear them.
They were LOUD!!!!

We ended up have to spend Christmas at out in laws place.
Which was a blessing in disguise. It was the last Christmas that we had with Nana.
Any ways Uncle Jason helped us make cookies for Santa.
He did a great job Love that guy.

There is a spacial bond with Grandpa and Mason.

I did it I made them. My sister and I had PJ just like these when we were young.
I know this because my grandma made them for us.
My grandma moved and when she did she held a yard sale.
I helped out with it and asked if I could have this box of patterns.
When I got home I opened it up and remember all the outfit she made for the grand kids.
I think they turned out great Thank you Linda for helping me with the first one.
My girls love them.
I can't wait to make ones next year.
I also made some for Tanner but we didn't take a picture fast enough.

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