Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home Coming.

My kids were so excited to have Nana and Grandpa come home.
They missed there fight so they came home latter that night I think it was 11:00.
So I need to stay home with the sleeper ( Tanner, McKenna, and Mason )
Emma was the only one that could stay awake.
they served in the London, England Mission.

As I look throw the photos I can't help to think about the reunion Nana is having or had.
I can't help but think of the angels that were there to greet her.
Her mother and father that she was so close to.
Grandpa made a statement in his talk.
They would kid around saying " On Wednesday they didn't need to worried about there new company one there mission.
They already know if they would get along they never switched.
She passed away on Wednesday she left her mission on either and transfer to a new area.
We love you Nana then, now and forever.
Here is your sack it XOXOXOX

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