Friday, May 30, 2008

Emma's been tagged.

I wondered when I would get tagged Mary from "One Parent and two kids" tagged Emma. So here we go.

Emma loves to play pretend.

Emma loves to get dirty.

Emma loves to do everything her big brother and sister is doing.

When ever we go any where some one stops us and tell me "what long eyelashes she has."
(picture does not do them justice)

Emma loves to play outside she also loves to ride her bike.

Emma is a naturally happy child.

Emma loves shoe.
Emma favorite phrase is " Look at that","no" and "wait wait"
Emma loves to read books, her favorite book is "Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see."

OK I now tag Liz, Alex (Mary's husband) and Joel (Lara husband) I just wanted to do something different.

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  1. cute cute emma. man, she does have long eyelashes.