Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank you to angels.

I would like to say THANK YOU to the lady that helped me at the store, I call her my angel. McKenna was throwing her terrible 3 tantrum, I still can't figure out what she wanted. the only thing I can think is she was tired. any ways We had to go from the front of the store to the back and back to the front with her screaming. Now I'm not just talking about the screaming you hear to get my attention, but the screaming you hear when people are dieing . I had all of my kids with me so I had to pick her up and push the cart. Everyone was looking at me and saying who knows what about me. when out of the blue one lady came out of no where and helped me.
She picked up her purse and help me take the kids to the car. she buckled up Emma and Tanner put all the bags in the car while I tried to calm McKenna down. She even gave me encouraging word. All I could do was give her a huge and tell her thank you for being my angel. I hope that I can do the same thing as she did. thank you to all the mother that teach there child to help and not judge. Thank you again to my angel and Have a Happy Mother's day.


  1. Oh Rachel! I think we've all been that frazzled Mom with the screaming toddler in the store! What a kind person to help you, because usually I just get the stink eye from people.

  2. Wow, that is so awesome that that lady came and helped you! I need to remember that, because I'm sure it was such a huge help!