Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tanner's Birthday!

Tanner is five this year and looking back here are some things I have notice.
Tanner right now loves Lighing McQueen, Thomas the train, and his Green bear. Tanner is a loving big brother and always wants to help. Tanner is starting to read, add and subtract. He loves play outside with dad and when he grows up he would like to be Lighing McQueen.
His favorite colors are green and blue and favorite books are " I love it when you smile" and any of the "Froggy series".
Tanner enjoys ALL sports Happy Birthday Tanner I love you tons.


  1. Happy Birthday Tanner! Wow-the time is really starting to fly, isn't it?

  2. Happy bday Tanner! I can't believe he's already 5!

  3. happy happy Birthday Tanner man. Your age takes up an entire hand now. cool.