Monday, May 5, 2008

Helpful food hints.

My kids and I wanted to go to the park and have a picnic. I started making PJ sandwich and getting there juice boxes ready. We biked to the park and some people stared to ask me how I got my kids to drink V8 drinks. Jokingly I told them that I spiked it. Looking at there face they didn't get the joke. I then told them I added 1/3 of a cup of sprite to take the bit out of it. My kids always ask for V8 juice.
The Lady loves it and asked what other tips can I give them. I thought why not tell other things I do. I hope you guys can use this ideas. Here is my top 5 enjoy.

1-I put Flax seed into bread, stuffing, and anything that needs breading.(nuggets)
-Flax seed has Omega-3, Fatty Acids and great Fiber-
2-I put 100 Protein into mash potatoes and chocolate milk (my kids can not even tell.)
3-I mix Audiophiles into potatoes and milk.
4-I mix apple sauce into there pancakes and cookies. You can also put Bananas in the pancakes.
5-I use Carnation breakfast for Tanner's chocolates milk it just gives him more vitamin.

You might be asking why I do all of this, Tanner my first has PDD (Pervasive Disability Disorder) a form of Autism. He is a very , very, very picky eater. Tanner will not eat vegetables, fruit , or meat, so he thinks. We also make fruit smoothies and add veggie to bread, carrots and zucchini bread are Tanner's favorite. Tanner doesn't eat meat except in nuggets. If anyone has any other ideas please do share.


  1. Cute pics! And thanks for the tips - Emmy's not a big fan of veggies. Sometimes I can get her to eat cucumbers, but lately she doesn't have much of an appetite for anything.

  2. Wow, Rach! Your a sneaky pro! I'm not sure if my kids would buy the sprite and V8 thing, but I'm going to give it a shot.

    Kanoa LOVES his fruits & vegetables. Always has. Gabriel on the other hand can smell a veggie from a mile away. Good tips.