Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day and Anniversary!

Yesterday I treated my mother out for a manicure. You see May 11 is a very important day for me this year. Yes it is mother's day, but today is also Rob and my Anniversary. Yes we have been married for 7years today. Rob bought me a ring for mother's days and we both got a video camera for our anniversary. I would like to tell Rob he has truly given me the best 7 years of my life. Rob has seen me in my worst and best, but mostly worst and still loves me. Rob you make me want to be better person. I want act better and love more. Thank you for being a good husband and father.You are my best friend, And I will always love you so so much.xoxox

OK so if you are still reading the next two days are going to be BIG for Tanner. On Monday Tanner will be doing his first school program , then Tuesday it will be Tanner birthday. I can't believe he will be 5 years old. He's been so excited for this. I think he tells everyone he'll be doing.
At school he will be spotlighted,(I still have to put that together) then for lunch he will be going to Chucke Cheese, dinner will be at Nana and grandpa's and active will be bowling and in between he will be opening presents.

I hope all the mother's are having a Happy Mother's Day thank you for reading and come again.
P.S. I wanted to put some pictures up of my husband and I but they are in storage sorry.


  1. I bet your mom loved the manicure! And WOWIEE!!! That ring is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in real life!!!

    Happy Anniversary! (And mother's Day, of course!)

  2. Happy Anniversary Rach! And what a beautiful ring-Rob is a great guy and you are a wonderful person, so I guess you are both lucky.

    Cute pic of your Mom!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on seven great years!!! I hope you had a great day and a Happy Mothers Day!!!

  4. How fun that you took your mom to get your nails done! And Happy Anniversary! That is such a beautiful ring.