Wednesday, June 4, 2008


On Friday I went running with my two girls. I run about 4 1/2 miles every other day. Everything was going great until we hit the down hill full run, When my front wheel came off. The stroller flip over and the girls ended up with a goose bump and road rash all over there face. A wonderful lady helped us she gave the girls the cutest stuff bear and bandaged them all up. The girls call her (teddy bear Grammy) I was worried about concussion for the whole day. The girls are fine and so am I, but I don't want to run with them until I got a new stroller.
Because this stroller was over 400.00 I wanted to call the company and ask them what they will do for me.

On Tuesday I called the stroller company and they are going to ship me a new stroller. They were wonderful about every thing they will pay for the shipping for the old stroller, plus give me a new one. Even tho I've had this stroller for 3 years. They told me that this is never never never suppose to happen. So now I'm just waiting for my NEW stroller. The girls are so happy and so am I.

My new running stroller. (Dreamer design)

I have found out that most company's will work with you Huggies is a great one as will as Gerber. So the moral or this story "If you have something that you are not happy with call the company and see what they can do for you."


  1. That was a crazy experience! I'm so glad that you are all fine, and think that's great that the company took care of it. Smart move, because a lawsuit would cost a lot more.

  2. That is crazy that the wheel came off. I'm glad your girls are Ok, and that the company will replace your stroller.

  3. Poor girls!!! That would be so scary. That's great that they are sending you a new stroller, though!