Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mason!!

WOW I was just looking back at my post and noticed that I forgot to post about my sons 2Nd Birthday.
for your birthday we had Spaghetti with meat balls. That he got all over the kitchen and I mean all over as you can see.

Then we made a cake for him, he wanted to help so I let him I wanted to freeze the cake to I could put the frosting on but he wanted it NOW. Oh well maybe next year.

To my son Mason the boy that is a little boy that loves to wrestles, get messy, growls, find bugs.
Play with foot balls run around screaming and never wears his shoes paints on the wall and pulls your sisters hair, gets into your brother stuff when he is not home.

but also Gives some of the best hugs says he sorry with a loving kiss. growls at anyone that messes with the family.
Always loves to play, loves to dance, and pat you on the back when you feel sad.
He will always make you smile when ever he rolls his eyes, while playing peek-a-boo,
and is one of the best snuggles when you are sad, and when every you need some one to say I Love you he is your man.
Happy Birthday little man
Happy Birthday little man
We love you!!!

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