Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I asked the girls to go and clean there rooms I heard nothing for a while so I quietly went up stairs.
To my delight I found them reading.
My girls have no problem reading they would do it all day if I let them.
There are some children like this count your blessing,
But there's some that don't take a liking to reading, I have one.

Mr Tanner is one of those that HATES and I mean HATES to read.
I did the book club he loved it only because all the other kids thought it was cool.
I think I read most of the books to him, which that was fine but he's in 3rd grade.
I think he should be reading them by himself.

We do sight words, he does great.
We do Fry phases still does great.
Comprehension is great above average.
It the reading out loud that gets him.
We are getting a tutor for him he'll start on Monday.

What I'm wondering have you guys had this problem if so what have you done?
I would love to hear from you.

OK now granite Mason is not reading he is more playing with the stickers,
But he LOveS his books too.

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