Sunday, April 25, 2010


So yes we are still jobless, But we do have a ray of hope. Rob has had three really good interviews. We should know by the end of the month.
I had the opportunity to work for the best Kindergarten class ever long term.
They were so much fun and the job worked out great for my husband and I. I got to come home and feed Mason and on my lunch break so I didn't have to pump. that was nice, and it gave my husband a break.
My husband have been getting some side jobs so we are blessed.
One of my friends said "that money it's not everything, it's just a means to a end." I have now really understand that statement now.
Now that we don't have money I get to focus on what we do have. The things we can do as a Family that truly bring us together. Our needs are being met and we are truly blessed.
Now don't get me wrong someday I have to dig really really deep to remember that because of the lack of money.
But then I see my children smile and know they are happy with what they have as long as you will play with them.
It's nice to have Rob home but I really hope one of these job pan out, not because of the money but just to have this trial done with and to know we made it.
I can't wait for the day were the post will be (He has a job) or something like that.
Thank you for all your help, friendship and most of all your prays I know they will be answered

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  1. I hope you keep us updated. I've been thinking about your family alot since the Sunday fast. I really hope you get good news!