Friday, April 30, 2010

update on the update.

So as you can tell I went public. There are so many family member that can't handle the extra step. BUT if there is any comments that come back on then I'm turning it back to private.
OK so here is the update on the update.
Rob did not get any of the jobs. so we will hit the job listing again. We will still keep on praying and some day I will write a post that he has a job.
I'm asking again for some leads for Rob. Rob is a graphic designer and here is his web page if any one needs any side jobs PLEASE PLEASE, let us know. Thank you for all your prays they will not go in vain.


  1. I'm sorry Rachel - hang in there. Something will come up soon. We'll keep praying for your family! We think you're great!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that Rach.
    As for side jobs, it's sort of random, but Hank needs cars delivered to Moab sometimes & pays for that. Think Rob would be interested??