Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just a fun idea.

We have been trying to sharpen Tanner up on his adding and subtracting. We also have been trying to teach Mckenna her numbers and Emma her colors. So we went bowling The kids earned this game with the point system.
OK here's where the teaching comes in Tanner throws the ball we then have Mckenna count the ones that are up and the one that are hit. Then I have Emma tells me what colors are up and what colors are down.Then Tanner subtracts the number of pins that are down from the number of pins that are up, or we add the pins together. They Love to play this game. Now I can't take all the credit my husband came up with the subtracting and adding part. I came up with the others.

I'm going to put numbers on the bottom of the pins and add colors to them as will. Just to make things harder and funner.