Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog blog blog!

What is a blog? Some people use it for advertising , I found for me it is to keep in touch and share my stories and experiences. So with this blog I'll try and do all.

Yesterday I thought it was time to take a shower. I have a hard time doing this because my husband Rob "Graphic Designer" lets me sleep in bless his heart. I also have all my kids in the morning and I don't want to take a shower when my kids take a nap because I'm to afraid I'll wake them up. So I turned on the TV and took a shower. Now I've done this before and been successful the kids watch their TV show and they never miss me, But this time it wasn't the case. I came out got dressed and Tanner ran down the hall saying hello as he turned his head I notice something different. I thought it was the lighting. When I came in the living room I saw something that a mother once in her life time will see. HAIR a big pile of HAIR . I have been really good about keeping crayons, markers, pens knifes and yes even scissors in a safe places. But I forgot about Tanners schools scissors in his book bag. they got a hold of them and decided to be Edward scissor hand. I called our beautician "Hanui"and she could fit me in at 1:00.In the mean time I had to hide the damage so I put our favorite bows in "Binga Bows". Hanui did a great job fixing McKenna and Emma's hair.

We had two separate pile of hair cutting.
Tanner also cut the laundry basket.

Thank you Haniu If any one would like her number please tell e-mail me. She is really good.
Also if any one needs any Graphic Design Rob does Freelancing for a great price.
I hope everyone has a good laugh and keep on blogging.


  1. Ah...the dreaded sibling haircut! I'm glad you have such a good hairdresser!

  2. Oh no! It doesn't look like there was too much damage done . . . and thanks for the shout out!