Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Turkey sandwich craving!

When I was young I can remember going out with my mom every Wednesday.  We would go shopping then we would go and eat. I can remember this one place I LOVED they made sandwiches. I always had a Turkey on wheat with mayo, sprouts, provolone, mustard, an the best part cranberry sauce. After going there we always washed it down with a strawberry banana Orange Julius. I have really never thought about it until now, when I'm craving it. I have tried to make the sandwich but can't. I even tried to make the drink to go with it, It's just not the same. 
So if anyone has a good recipe of a turkey sandwich  PLEASE, PLEASE for the sake of the baby tell me. 


  1. Was it the sandwich from Mrs. Powells at the mall??? Because if it is, I totally remember that sandwich! Try using herb cream cheese on it w/ the turkey and cranberry sauce. Yum yum!

  2. lol, maybe try another good deli. (I do know they make them at the hospital cafeteria, but I can't recommend it, I'm a vegetarian). Good luck on your search.

  3. YES! YES! Michelle it was Mrs. Powelles at the mall!! Herb cream cheese I.m getting some today! ThaNK YOu!!!

  4. Rach, I remember that sandwich! It was Mrs Powells. Your right, the best part was the cranberry. Its too bad they are gone, I miss that.
    Hope your feeling better and the morning sickness is gone.
    Good Luck finding the sandwich, let us know where it is.