Thursday, February 12, 2009

A lesson I learned.

About a week ago I went to Tanner's class for 100Th day of school. Tanner has been having some trouble with two boys. The two boys has been teasing and making fun of Tanner. I addressed this with the teacher and she quickly talked to the parents and this time she pulled the principal into. I guess this has not been the first time they have picked on a kid. I did not think anything of it we tough Tanner what to say and do when or if this ever happen again.
When I went to Tanner school the teacher intruded me to the class as this is Tanner's mom Rachel Hawley. The kids said Hi and went off to their stations. I stared to help the kids when one came up to me and said" I'm really sorry for teasing Tanner and I will not do it again I promise!!" I told him great and its better to make friends then to have tease others. He said "yes I know that now, my mom and dad made the whole family teass me for on whole day and I didn't like it" I had to hold in my laugh. I sent him back to his station and went on. I guess I did some funny things while I was in the class and by the time Tanner and his new friend got to my station they all said I was funny! I quickly said "Am I a funny person or just funny looking" the boy looked at me and said "it's not nice to tease have you not learned anything!!!" I had to paused and say "you are right and I will not do it again."
Good lesson for me and the class to learn.


  1. Hmmm, very good idea! I will remember that one!

  2. Teasing is so sad. I can only hope that I will handle it as gracefully as you did some day.