Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Club for Tanner.

Book club for KIDS Summer Schedule 2011

Ages 8-10, spread the word!!

Questions, call Rachel at 1 or

Please look at the date for the books, Time will always be 10:00 to 11:15


17- Bring your favorite book we will have a fun active to do after we talk about why you chose it.


1- Geronimo Stilton take a trip to Mouse city and enjoy the adventures of the fun and exciting Geronimo

Stilton series.

15- Judy Bloom You can pick any of her books like “Freckle Juice”,” Tales of the fourth grade nothing
or “Super fudge.” Hop on her site: to look at some more.

29- Dairy of the wimpy kid” Need I say more!?! We will be making diaries, yes that’s right, diaries so that

maybe someday your kids will make their millions $$$.


5- Beverly Cleary, she has written so many wonderful books her website

has a book for every child.

19- Ask your parents to pick a book for you, BUT here’s the catch, this book will have to be a book that

they read when they were your age. Let see what comes up.

Why am I doing this? I have always felt kids reading skills start to fall in the summer. I want this to be fun for the kids and the parents. I always find if I have a schedule I’m more likely to stick to it. All that I ask from you is for your child to bring 20 treats to share. I will send any left over home with them. With every book we will be doing a project for the kids to take home. You are free to stay and help but you are under no obligation to stay. Please feel free to call if you have any questions

Thank you.

Rachel Hawley.

You can also call me but I just didn't want to give out my phone number. I will also be posting one for McKenna and Emma soon.

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