Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book club for McKenna.

Book club for KIDS Summer Schedule 2011

Ages 5-6 , spread the word!!

Questions, call Rachel at or

Please look at the date for the books, Time will always be 10:00 to 11:00


16- Eric Carle book we will be making our own book based off of his books.

30- Jonathan London, Zit zap zoom what kid doesn't like the foggy books. The kids will make a paper

frog and then we will be racing real frogs.


14- Doreen Cronin Quack quack catch the fun adventures on the farm. We will be making a stationary

for your children to leave notes. Based on one of her books “Giggle, Giggle, Quack.”

28- David Catrow Fun books like “I wanna Iguana” and “My School is a Zoo” is bound to make your

kids love his books. We will be making bookmakers. His website


4- Victoria Kann, Your girls and boys will love her books. We will be making pink cupcakes. We will

also be melting coloring crayons together.

18- Bring your child favorite book we will read two or three of them and then have a fun party!

Why am I doing this I have always felt reading falls in the summer. I want this to be fun for the kids and the parents. I always find if I have a schedule I’m more likely to stick to it. All that I ask from you is for your child to bring 20 treats to share. I will send any left over home with them. With every book we will be doing a project for the kids to take home. You are free to stay and help but no obligation to. Please feel free to call if you have any questions Rachel Hawley.

I think I might do something different for Emma any ideas?

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  1. Rachel, this looks so fun! Is it something where Jackson could maybe come to a couple of them, but maybe not all of them? Thursdays I normally work, but I think I could make arrangements for a maybe some of the days and let him come. Maybe if he can't come we'll have to steal your ideas and do it as a family at home. Love the ideas and it will help to keep reading going through the summer. You're such a good Mom! :)