Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday come and gone.

To our Little Princess, Happy Birthday!!!

Here is a little about our Princess.
McKenna is VERY VERY kind. she loves to help me in everything.
I can always find McKenna watching out for Mason.
She LOVES babies and really wants me to have another one but it needs to be a boy.
She loved to learn and soaks it all in.
She can fall asleep anywhere.
She is getting into drawing and writing.
She really has a sweet spirit about her, her favorite song is "I am a Child of God"
She love to dress up and has her own style of doing it as you can see in one of the pictures.
She love to bake and have tea parties.
She loves to be outside.
She LOVE'S her daddy and always tells him.
She is easy going for the most part = ]
She loves to give hugs and Kiss and she love and I mean Love talking about Jesus.
She talks about him as if she talks to him on a day to day bases.
She is always asking if Jesus is coming today, and after I give her the answer she always tells me " No he said he would "
I love you and always will Happy 5Th birthday.

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    We're so glad McKenna is our granddaughter. What a blessing she has always been to us. We're happy to see pictures of her birthday party, and with her brothers and sister. We want to hear McKenna singing "I Am A Child of God" via Skype. We miss you and love you all. Next year we will do another Easter "event" to make up for not having one this year. Thank you for all you are and all you do.
    Love, Nana and Grandpa H -- Happy Easter from London 2010.