Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom's little secret.

OK we all have those things that we tell our kids that aren't really the truth but it helps you get the job done without a fight. Will here is one of mine.  Emma lately has been putting up a fight about getting in the bath tub and WASHING her HAIR. I tried everything buying her princess shampoo, new bath toys, goggles for her eyes, a hat so the soap would not get in her eyes, bath tubs crayons, singing her songs, and a new towel. When out of frustration I said, " Emma we need to wash all those bugs out of your hair" Emma quickly said "what mom I don't want bugs in my hair wash them out fast" 
So every time we get ready for a bath she always says "mom don't forget to get the bugs out" 
Bad thing about this is she tells everyone she has bugs in her hair and that sounds like we have lice or something like that. 

So that's one of my little secrets what is your? I know you guys have one or two?



  1. If it works, it works.

    Right now, we have to tell Sophia that all flowers (except dandelions, of course) are Jesus' flowers so she won't pick them.

  2. I totally do the same thing, but we tell Emmy she has bugs in her mouth and we need to brush her teeth so they will come out (which is sort of the truth, she has plaque/germs in her mouth . . .). It works, though! She reminds us that she needs to get the bugs out of her mouth now :)


    Kids ARE funny! Your kids are just beautiful and funny, too!

  4. Every time my family would go to sleep my son says to me or my husband i need to brush my teeth so i don't cavity bugs in my mouth i don't want cavity bugs at all so i need to brush my teeth.

  5. I just read Michelle's & that's what I do with Ellie too. I tell her she has bugs in her mouth. I'm glad it works for Emma!

  6. I do the bugs in the teeth thing too. The nice thing is that Josh's dad is a dentist so he is the one that told her of the horror of bugs (cavities) in the teeth that eat holes and make your teeth fall out. The downside now is she hasn't lost a single tooth. She is going into 2nd grade and shows no signs of loose teeth. Poor girl. She is going to be the only one in 5th or 6th grade missing her 2 front teeth at this rate.....

  7. Yeah, we all have our little secrets.
    Bedrest? I am sorry, Hang in there, It seems like forever I know. Good Luck