Tuesday, March 3, 2009


On Monday Oprah show was on simplify most of the thing she had on her challenge were things that's I already do. but there were some things that I do need to work on.
  • Eating out This one is bad I like to eat out with my kids. I think once a week I go to Arctic Circle where my kids can eat and play. Their is a disclaimer on this one you can go and eat out with you husband only on date night if you have the money.
  • Walk to places Lately I have been driving my kids to school, friends house, church and parks. I can go to the store once a week and get grocery. If I need to get milk I will ask Rob to pick it up on his way home.Disclaimer I can drive them if the weather is bad.
  • Limit my time on the Internet this one is hard for me I pride myself of not letting myself and my kids watch allot of TV. But what about the Internet. I started to time myself and the kids and WOW it was alto. So we will be reading more books going to the library and we can't forget the park.
  • Recycling This means food, clothing, craft supplies, and garbage.
I will try this out starting on Monday for two weeks and see what other things I can live without.
Oh what do you guys think would be a good time limit for the Internet?


  1. I'm bad with the internet, between work, blogging & now Facebook... it's a lot. Those are good things to try.

  2. Good plans. Winter just makes me lose all desire to be good in any of these areas!

  3. I saw that episode today. I'm trying to shop once a week, but we definitely go out to eat once a week too.

    Everything in moderation.

  4. Okay, I feel dumb. I made a comment about being called into Food Storage. When I actually went back and read you blogs, I saw that you just post them to be helpful. Smart idea though. I really do have that calling and it can be a challenge but also very rewarding because I get really good deals on things. I may use your idea of posting our monthly ward storage items on my website. If you ever need anything, let me know. Where do you live now?