Friday, July 25, 2008

24th of July.

OK so Jake and his family came from Cedar City. We had a great time doing fire works . Jake and Alex bought 50.00 dollars worth of fire work. Man has fire works gone up. Anyways we had so much fun letting them off. Our kids had a blast thanks you guys for buying them.

This was only half of them.

About 20 min latter they were all done. money will spent ?

Tanner love the fireworks. Hated the sound.

McKenna loved the whole thing.

Emmy and her 24th of July outfit. You have to love the Binga bow. CUTE CUTE!!!


  1. More awesome pics! I love the binga bows, keep in touch, I haven't heard from ya for awhile...Love Ya!

  2. Fun times! Glad you guys made it! It was great seeing you! Emmy had so much fun playing (and screaming) w/ her cousins :)

  3. Cute Pics!! What photo editor do you use?