Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun in the SUN.

We have been trying to think of things to do for free here is a fun one. In highland they have a water park like to one in Liberty park not as big , but it works great for my kids. Here are some pictures

Mason is making more sounds.
He Loves it when his brother and sister join in.

McKenna and Emma have been playing more and more together.

Tanner loves Mason and Mason Loves Tanner.

This girl NEVER stops performing and I mean never. Where ever she goes she will sing, or dance. She always starts out with a "Hi my name is Emma Hawley and I will be singing...."
Then ends it with a "Thank you very much you are too kind."
I have NO idea where she got that from.

"More free summer fun to come. "

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  1. Wow, Emma and Emmy are two peas in a pod! Emmy loves performing and singing, too. Seriously, she's always singing!

    Love seeing pics of the cute Hawley kids :)