Friday, May 7, 2010

It's time.

There is a lady in our ward that lost her son about 4 months ago and has been doing great things.
She has been coping so gracefully she not afraid to cry and she is not afraid to tell her story.
It has made me think of what I did how is dealt.
I am a assumed to say that I really didn't ... haven't.
I talked to rob about it and he seem to think that I am to had on myself, that I did the best that I could and know how. You see at that point in my life I really never had anyone one close to me past away. I had two good FRIENDS that did. but noting like a mother, father or even grand parents no one.
When Conner pasted away I cried but in private and I mean in private not even my husband know about it.
So know that allot of the feelings are coming back I going to start working on them.
One thing that I have thought about is writing my testimony in The Book of Mormon and given it to someone that just lost her baby.
I know how hard it is to lose something and feel lost.
I hope that I can make Conner smile from above.
Love you forever first son, and my little angle.


  1. I think everyone deals with this in their own way, and as long as they don't turn away from God and from the atonement, it's a good way.

    But I do appreciate what you're saying here. (hugs) to you...I know it's something that will be with you forever.

    PS Thanks for letting me know about the canvas...I really can't believe I won! :)

  2. I can't even imagine the pain or struggle that losing a child brings. You are so strong. Thank you for the inspiration.