Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here it is Rob and I have been crunching numbers up and always come out in the negative. Never having enough and wounding how we are going to make our next house payment. But each month we make it and each month we still have just enough money for our needs.
I have to laugh at the site of our food storage, I think we have more food in their then when we began this adventure. ( when Rob lost his job)
I have always loved where we live and always love the people here, they are so nice and you can always count on a Friendly hello. After going throw this adventure people are always asking if they can do anything for us, I really feel people are cheering for us, and I truly believe they are praying for us.
I know we don't have a job YET but SOON I know we will. I truly believe that this trail was chosen for us and that the Lord will proved. He truly does not want to us suffer in anything.
Rob has found a Small side job thanks to one of our friends and I now I have a job as a Sub Teacher. She will be having a baby so it will be a steady income for right now. Rob will still be looking for a job in the mean time.
Rob and I have truly grown closer together we really work as a team, Rob will be watching over the kids while I work, I have to admit I'll miss my kids. I'll get to come home for lunch. I'll help with the kids mostly the baby. Then I'll have to go back to work. McKenna class will be right next to mine so that will be nice too.
I'm excited to go back to teaching it's funny how this all came about. The teacher had a sub. but she backed out at the last min. The Principal was asking around to see if anyone know of some one that could sub. in such short time and for a long period of time. My Name came up three times so he knew it was meant to be.
I'm so grateful to the lord and the people that lesson to the the promptings thank you. Please still keep us in your prays. I know the Lord hears them.

If you know of anyone that is hiring for a graphic designer, or if you need any work done PLEASE PLEASE think of us. thank you for all your prays and leads THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Oh and I will be going private so if you haven't given my your e-mail address please do Thanks .


  1. That's great that you've found a job! That would be hard to be away from the kids, but at least it's bringing in some money. Good luck on the continued job search for Rob. I hope he will find something SOON!

  2. That's exciting that you will get to teach, and so close to home! I'm glad that this is working out for you. We'll keep praying that something will turn up for Rob!! You guys have been such good examples of staying postive even during a really tough time!

  3. I will check and see what the shelter might need and get with you soon. Thanks for offering to help me, when you have so much going on too.

  4. HAWLEY ENGLAND LONDON MISSION LOGFebruary 12, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    Names on the Prayer Roll . . . ARE HEARD and acted upon....xoxo

  5. I hope that everything turns out for you guys. I am praying for you as well. I don't think you have my email so it is hmarilynj@yahoo.com

  6. Wait, your husband is a graphic designer? Let me talk to my brother....I'll let you know. Hey, are you coming to the aquarium next week?