Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big week last week.

1st of all Happy Mothers day I hope all the mothers had a great day. Yes I know it is late but it is better late then never. 

Next Happy Anniversary to Rob and I. We have been married 8 wonderful years. Rob and I went to the Spa spent 4 hours their best Mothers day and Anniversary gift ever. Thank you honey and I love you tons. Rob also gave me some beautiful flowers. 

On the 13 of May we have Tanner's Birthday Happy Birthday to son he is 6 years old. Our first son on earth. and for right now he is our only boy. I will be doing our traditional movie in a bit, but for now here are some Birthday pictures.

And one more thing this week Rob went on a business trip right after Tanners B-day and come home Sat night. so this week has been really full for me. I was trying to keep the kids really busy here is on of the thing we did. 
The kids wanted to go to there favorite park. After playing at the park for 2 hours we went to go and get ice cream and lunch. 


  1. I need to get my kids to the park. Seems like we were waiting forever for warm weather, and BAM! Here it is and I haven't had a chance to enjoy it!

    Great pics, and I'm glad you had a wonderful mother's day and anniversary!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tan man! We totally missed that one . . . guess I should start putting birthdays on my calendar so I know when they are :)

  3. The Discovery Park looks so fun.